Many organisations, brands and agencies have their own awesome
in-house teams, yet they’re often at capacity, or don’t have the specific expertise to nail a brief. Sometimes it’s a photoshoot, a little extra creative ideation, or the team just needs another pair of hands on a campaign rollout.

This is where Nick+Nardo come in.

When we were just Deputy Art Director Chris Nardo and Commercial Photographer & Retoucher Nick Harding at the AFL, sure we had revered creative skills in our respective fields. It was only when we started collaborating, however, that we began to see the strength of what we had to offer.

Unlike a typical agency, think of us as a network of highly skilled individuals operating as an extension of your own team.
We collaborate with some of the best creatives in the business, and we know that bringing in the right minds and the brightest talent specific to your project ensures we stay fresh, continue to learn and grow, and most importantly, deliver exceptional results for you and your vision.

From creative concepts, to production and everything in-between, we work with brands big and small, ready to jump in whenever you need that extra creative juice.


\ Brand Campaigns

\ Marketing Campaigns

\ Digital + Print Design

\ Art Direction


\ Campaign Photography + Video

\ Editorial Photography + Video

\ Ecomm Photography + Video

\ Product Photography + Video

\ Shoot Production

\ Brand Content + Films

\ Motion Graphics

\ HTML5 Animated Banners

\ Advertising Assets


\ Photography Retouching

\ Video Editing

\ Colour Grading + Treatment

We’re here to jump in when, where and how you need us to